The Surface configurator is a universal tool that may be used to configure basically anything. Anything you can imagine. It is suitable for almost every product or service. Send us your request and we will be happy to create a new configurator tailored to your exact needs.


Significant cost and employee time savings

Properly designed, intuitive and simple configurator will save you tens to hundreds of thousands EUR or USD per year. An automated configuration process will speed up the relevant calculations, selections or even the request or order sending process. This way you save valuable time and money you would otherwise paid for travelling, including additional cost related to personal meetings.


Increase in the number of inquiries / orders

Thanks to simple configuration process, the client gets an estimate or the exact price. Immediately, and without the need for a personal meeting. You will be able to arrange personal meetings only with serious and interested parties who already have an idea of the price or who simply want to see you in person.

Online configuration is standard

Our times demand a quick adaptation to new processes. Clients want information immediately. Even a general information about the price may be the key factor for your client while he is deciding whether to go with the project or whether your company should be involved in the process. You need to be able to offer not only high-quality products or services, but also comfortable solutions for their configuration and selection needs.

Connection with your website, e-shop and payment gateway

We will connect your new configurator to your existing website, e-shop or accounting software. We will also connect the relevant payment gateway and will automate the entire process.

Is the Surface configurator suitable for you as well?

Of course it is!

Our configurator is a universal and versatile tool and may be used to configure anything you can imagine. It is suitable for almost any product or service.

Send us your request and we will be happy to design your new configurator for you.


Easy integration into your existing website or e-shop

  • We will put your configurator into operation quickly and without the need to intervene in your existing solution / system.
  • We will connect your configurator to your website, e-shop or other software used by a company.
  • Purchases may be executed directly in the configurator, including other products offered in your

Our configurator is available in any language version and can handle any currency or pricing system

  • Either you may translate the text or we can translate the configurator into the target language, including translation of graphical interface elements
  • Calculations and prices may be converted to the required currencies automatically or manually
  • Each element may be assigned with a specific importance level which affects the price calculation process. The price is created dynamically based on the selected items

Simple administration

  • You can manage all items in the configurator using a simple online interface and you can easily make the necessary changes by yourself.

Mobile device support, responsive version

  • Your configurator will be properly adjusted so it may be used by mobile devices as well. The responsive display mode adapts to the user interface dynamically.

Configurator design and number of steps

  • We shall adapt the graphic appearance to match the identity of your company while making the configurator attractive and fully functional.
  • We understand that each product and service has its own specifics. The number of configurator steps, the order of relevant steps or links between individual items may be fully customized.

Input data import and update

  • We will import your existing data into your configurator and make sure that data are updated automatically. This is achieved by connecting the system to Excel / CSV, XML, JSON, API or by connecting it to your accounting or warehouse system.

Export of configuration results, formats

  • We shall prepare outputs according to your needs, whether in standard PDF, XML, Excel / CSV or as Images. We can even connect it directly to your company system.

Result measuring, user behaviour and process improvement

  • Every step performed by the user may be measured and evaluated. Thanks to this approach various processes and the level of user-friendliness may be continuously improved.

Are you missing a certain feature of functionality here?

Please send us your request and we shall figure it out!


MAC Konfigurátor vypínačů Elko


House switch and socket configurator, including various language versions.



House and cam switch configurators connected to Surface e-shop platform.

Free request

Are you interested about make your own configurator of producsts or services? Do you need more informations about our solution? Don't hesitate and contact us.

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